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Rensselaer Dentist

Our office is where the magic in your Smile comes to life. At our office, the priority is quality treatment for your teeth based on the best education to the patient. We make sure your visit is as comfortable as possible, while providing the top quality care you deserve. We deliver a superior result at our dental practice. We use the latest in dental technology to make sure your oral health has the best and affordable options.

We Care About Our Patients

When choosing a dentist you want a professional you can trust. At Rensselaer dentists, we listen to patients' needs and respond with the best treatment plans. Located in downtown Rensselaer since 1992, our staff ensures effectively looking into and treating all of your needs when it comes to oral hygiene and care. Our team of hygienists, coordinators, and assistants is also knowledgeable on the latest in dental hygiene and cavity prevention techniques.

With over 24 years experience as a Rensselaer dentist, Dr. Balvich has become very familiar with many of the proven dental techniques. Additionally, our state of the art office incorporates the newest technologies in our practice. Having a focus both on these proven dental techniques and on future discoveries, Dr. J can create a treatment plan catered specifically to you. We insist on educating our patients with the very best recommended options so they can make informed decisions about the best treatment path.

Please review some of our pages about regular teeth cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, and braces (orthodontics) to read more on our procedures. We look forward to seeing you soon. As with many things, our practice is evolving. We always enjoy educating as well as learning from our patients. We welcome you to look around our site and find out more about us. We are confident you will find we are friendly, down to Earth. We are here not only to perfect your smile; we will help you use it.

We're offering a new alternative treatment for cavities!

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

SDF is a non-invasive treatment option for cavities, using a topical medicine that is painted on the tooth instead of a more invasive surgical (drill and fill) approach.


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Patient Testimonials

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Best Rensselaer Dentist Jordan Balvich

There is a difference in our Rensselaer dental office. You will notice the difference when you walk through our front door. At Rensselaer dentists, you will know you are in the right place. You will get the personal attention you deserve. We are concerned not only with you and your family's dental health, but with your overall well-being. Dr. Balvich offers comprehensive general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental procedures.

More times than not, we hear that visiting a dental office can be stressful. There is a certain anxiety that looms when the appointment approaches. At Rensselaer dentist, we create a comforting environment, we educate our patients, and we set you on a course for optimal oral hygiene. We feel we are the best comprehensive dental practice in the Rensselaer and surrounding areas. Dr. Balvich and his office staff consistently get positive feedback and reviews from patients.

Commitment to Rensselaer Dental Patients

Dr. Balvich has excelled in his practice for the past 25 years. Our commitment is to serve our patients to the best of our ability. We are certified in various dental procedures that many dentists are not. As a result we have the ability to offer you treatment options you might not otherwise receive. We believe this sets us apart in the Rensselaer community.

We invite you to take a peak around our website and see for yourself. We offer many different services and we've been all over the globe educating ourselves on them so we can bring them right here to Rensselaer and offer them to you. We look forward to becoming a patient of ours for years to come. We are confident in our service, offerings, and treatment plans. We deliver the results you want at an affordable prices. When you are choosing the right Rensselear dentist, it is paramount that they are using traditional methods that have a proven record of working, while still remaining focused on new technology.

Best Rensselear Dentist Jordan Balvich