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Part of our philosophy, is that dentistry should be available and affordable to everyone. We are fortunate that we live in a country that values oral hygiene and dental well-being. We truly believe that we are in the right place at the right time. Rensselaer, Indiana isn't only where we are from, it is where we choose to be. Making dentistry affordable to the community where we are from is important to us. Do you have a situation that needs special attention? Talk to us, call us, and help us understand. At Rensselaer affordable dentist, we treat the patients, not their wallets. Our opinion is that a positive review of our service can sometimes be invaluable. Often times, it will lead to a loyal customer for a long time. Rensselaer Dentists wants to remain that dental staple to Rensselaer. It is what defines us as a company.

What is a smile worth if you can't use it. When we make make dentistry affordable, the smile shows. We chose dentistry and oral hygiene as our professions and that is how we make our living, but we find joy in making dental coverage to patients possible and affordable. At our office, we are about relationships. We want to know about you as a person and not just as a patient, we want to find out what makes you tick. Tell us about your job, your kids, and your life. We want to share. When you need dental work, Dr. Balvich and staff are standing by to make that happen for you in a professional and affordable way. We offer the following options as methods we commonly use to keep dentistry affordable:

In Office Savings Plan

We have a plan for those who plan on a proper hygiene schedule. By paying an small annual fee, you get significant discounts on almost every routine procedure in our office. We are truly proud to offer this to our community. Learn More about our In-Office Savings Plan.


We have financing options through Care Credit. Many times small, small loans can help push payments for an emergency surgery out over 6 months. We understand that life gets in the way sometimes. Unexpected costs can creep up from time to time. For the same reason that employers offer advances, we like to offer financing. Life never happens as predicted, and in those cases we suggest Care Credit


We work with various insurance companies to make your visits covered. Many times a procedure might not be necessary yet, but a more invasive procedure could perhaps be needed if left untreated. We can present these findings to the insurance company and many times get an approval to treat your case. We are truly your best affordable dentistry option in Rensselaer. To get a list of our insurance providers please give us a call at (219) 964-4451. See our Insurance Companies Here. We are your affordable Rensselaer dentist.

Community Involvement

We enjoy being a member of our community. We are here to create happiness through smiles. As a product of a the Rensselaer community, we wanted to give back. For this reason, in 2013, we created the "Change A Life Campaign". We created a contest that gave free orthodontic care to person that would benefit most front a new smile. We took applications via email, video letters, and even fax. We were so delighted with our winner: 9 year old Summer Beeson, and the outcome, that we decided to repeat the exact contest in 2014 and 2015. We will be posting the results of Summer's treatment shortly. We'd like to thank Summer and the other applicants for being part of this inaugural year.