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The Dentist Behind Rensselear Dentists: Dr. Balvich

Nineteen years ago Dr. Balvich opened up his dental practice in the small quaint town of Rensselear Indiana. His mission was to provide only exceptional dentistry and patient care for all the residents of the area. Since that time Rensselaer Dentists has grown and has been recognized for its exceptional dentistry and patient care. Dr. Balvich’s patients know they are getting the best dental services any dental practice can provide. His masterful dental skills include general dentistry but unlike many other dental practices include the services of cosmetic, restorative, and orthodontic dentistry. The different types of dental services he offers surpass services of many of his colleagues but at the same time always provides quality dental services that are hard to exceed.

Dr. Balvich Cares!

Dr. Balvich got into dentistry with the sole purpose of offering superior dentistry and affordable dental health plan which includes financing options for his patients. In his treatment dental plans, Dr. Balvich creates individualizes plans for all his patients. The personalized dental health treatment plan is constructed by you and Dr. Balvich. You are the driver of the car and Dr. Balvich is your tour guide to direct you to your final destination called the road of Healthy, Beautiful Smiles!

Oftentimes after office hours there are dental emergencies such as abscess teeth, broken crowns, chipped and many other dental issues. Dr. Balvich will make every effort to accommodate your dental emergencies. Rest assured your dental care does not stop once you walk out the office door of Rensselaer Dentists.

The Eminent Dr. Balvich

Dr. Balvich has accomplished numerous achievements in the field of dentistry. Here is a partial list of his most notable achievements.

  1. DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) - a degree which only one percent of the dentists have obtained. The DMD required Dr. Balvich to work alongside Medical Students during his rigorous training.
  2. DAAOS Diplomate in the Academy of the American Orthodontic Society
  3. Chosen as the Nation’s Top Dentist by the Consumer Research Council of America

Truly Dr. Balvich is a one of a kind Dentist. Not only has he acquired amazing achievements but he is a Doctor who excels in treating his patients. Exceptional dental patient care is the backbone of Rensselaer Dentists. Please take time to read the recommendations given by his patients and get a glimpse of how his patients feel about his dental services.

Brief Profile of Dr. Balvich

As a boy Dr. Balvich grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. When it was time for him to choose a college he attended Saint Joseph College located in Rensselaer, Indiana. After his graduation, he proceeded to pursue dental training from Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. Once he got his dental degree, Dr. Balvich established Rensselear Dentists in Rensselaer. He is married to his wife, formerly Beth Neal, for twenty seven years. His four children include Joshua, Parker, Graham, and Ella. The residents of Rensselear affectionately call him Dr. J.

Rensselaer Dentists will also check for teeth misalignments as well as for wisdom teeth implantation. Generally around eighteen is the age when wisdom teeth start to develop. Wisdom teeth will overcrowd your teen’s neighboring teeth and create crooked teeth alignments if they are not extracted.

Dr. Balvich has created his practice on integrity and honesty. If you choose to have a dental consultation you will see that he has all the key qualities of a great dentist. Dr. Balvich will provide you with excellence in the mastery of dental skills in General, Restorative, Cosmetic and Orthodontics. Dr. Balvich will give you an added bonus of being a dentist who cares about his patients. Make your appointment today with Rensselaer Dentists for a dental consultation to ensure you will have a beautiful, healthy smile for tomorrow!