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Rensselaer family dentistry offers the highest quality of dental care for every member of your family. Whether it is dental care for babies, toddlers, teenagers, adults or seniors, Rensselaer Dentists provides dentistry for all age groups. We not only treat your dental problems but educate your entire family on how to keep and maintain a beautiful smile for a life time.

Babies, Toddlers, and children family dentistry

Proper dental care is extremely important early in life. This is the time of life when teeth are developing. Having heathy teeth and gums are important in creating a beautiful smile.

Caring for baby’s teeth does not require a brushbut a damp cloth which should be used to clean out any food that is found on or between the teeth to prevent bacteria from forming. According to the American Dental Association, babies should have their first dental visit around the time the first tooth appears or by at least the age of one. At this timeit is important to keep track of how teeth are developing.

The first dental visit will require x-rays of your child’s teeth or tooth to ensure the teeth are developing properly. The next step will entail a dental well as a discussion of proper oral hygiene for your child. Rensselaer Dentists encourages you to allow your child when he reaches the age of a toddler to brush his own teeth with the aid of your proper guidance Of course mom or dad can be close by to help out brushing for those hard to reach places. Additionally, Dr.Balvich will instruct you further how to properly train your child in oral hygiene. Remember you are laying the foundation for good oral hygienehabits that should influence your child for the rest of his life.

Older children around the range of seven to twelve years of age should be checked for cavities and proper teeth alignment. During this dental visit, Rensselaer Dentists will educate your child on the importance of proper oral hygiene and will check for dental health issues. If teeth misalignments or other dental complications are detected, treatment plan options will be discussed at this time.

Teen Family Dentistry

Eating pizzas, candy and all types of sugary snacks are oftentimes a major part of a teenager’s daily diet. Unfortunately all these food items can create an environment for bacteria to grow on or around the teeth causing plaque which may ultimately lead to cavities and unhealthy gums.This is one of the many reasons why it is important to bring your teen for semiannual dental visits. Additionally, teenagers can be neglectful about their oral hygiene because they are busy with school and daily activities

Rensselaer Dentists will also check for teeth misalignments as well as for wisdom teeth implantation. Generally around eighteen is the age when wisdom teeth start to develop. Wisdom teeth will overcrowd your teen’s neighboring teeth and create crooked teeth alignments if they are not extracted.

Personalized treatment plans will be developed for your teen if any dental complications are encountered. A good oral hygiene routine will also be discussed with you and your teen.

Adult Family Dentistry

Filling cavities, teeth whitening and providing crowns are some of the most common dental procedures performed on adults at Rensselaer Dentists. The daily lives of adults can be very hectic at times. Taking children to school, going to work and doing household chores consume most of our free time. By living such busy lives, semiannual dental appointments are oftentimes set aside and forgotten in our daily routines.Remember, a dental appointment made and kept now may prevent two or more appointments at a later date.

Senior Family Dentistry

To keep that beautiful smile seniors can be faced with various dental issues. Periodontal disease and tooth loss are common problems encountered. At Rensselaer dentists, we provide dental services such as, but not limited to crowns, bridges, and dental implants to restore that self-confidentsmile. It is oftentimes hard for seniors to travel to the dentist’s office. The entire familymust work together to make sure that their senior family members get the proper dental care. Emphasis should be placed on semiannual dental visits as a minimum.

Every stage of life can have its own set of dental issues. Each member of the family will not only receive the best dental care at Rensselaer Dentists, but will be educated in good oral hygiene to prevent major dental complications in the future. Be proactive in your dental health care, it will not only save you time and money, but will keep you with a healthful smile for a life time.For any questions regarding our family’ dental services or dental financial plans, please contact our office and our highly trained staff will assist you.