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Rensselaer Dentists welcomes you to experience the ultimate in dentistry

Rensselaer Dentists are not just an ordinary dental practice. What makes this dental practice special is the myriad of services offered to its patients. Exceptional dental skills with superior patient care are two things you can always depend on receiving during your dental visits. Dr. Balvich, twenty years ago established his dental practice in Rensselaer, Indiana. Gradually through the years his dental practice has grown and is now recognized as the top dental practice in the area. The secret to the success of Rensselaer Dentists is the commitment of its staff members to provide knowledge and very effective dental treatments for all its patients so they can achieve good dental health.

The qualifications and skills of Dr. Balvich not only include general dentistry but encompass restorative, orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry as well. Dr. Balvich professional expertise lies in these areas of dentistry where he has been highly trained and commended for his adept skills in all the aforementioned areas of dentistry. Dental cleanings, filling cavities, dental whitening, gingivitis detection and treatment, children and adult braces, Invisalign, and dental teeth implants are some of the many services offered at Rensselaer Dentists. Please take a moment and browse through all the menu tabs located in our website and you can discover what services are available at Rensselaer Dentists. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our staff.

Golden Rule of Rensselaer Dentists: Education and Prevention in dental hygiene are paramount in dental patient care.

When you walk through the threshold of the door at Rensselaer Dentists be prepared to be thoroughly educated about your dental health. Dr. Balvich wants your smile to last a lifetime. At Rensselaer Dentists you will be instructed in oral hygiene and informed about how to improve your dental health. You will be actively involved in creating your own dental treatment plan. Did you know dental health problems can cause systemic diseasessuch as cardiovascular disease? At Rensselaer Dentists, we want you to be informed and to know why six month dental exams are imperative in not only dental health but also in your overall general health. A typical dental exam includes an oral cancer detection exam, periodic x-rays when needed for detection of cavities, and an extensive gum examination. The next step is a thorough dental cleaning process.

Rensselaer Dentists staff members: Highly trained and accomplished

The qualifications of the Rensselaer staff and Dr. Balvich are impeccable. Dr. Balvich is considered a leader in the field of dentistry and he has been voted as one of the top dentists in the nation by the Consumer Research Council of America for the past seven years. If you would like more information on Dr. Balvich’s vast accomplishments please visit our web link, "About Dr. Balvich".

His staff members are highly qualified in many areas. If you need help in financial arrangements or want to explore financial plans please contact our highly qualified staff on these matters and they will address any questions or concerns you may have. Rensselaer Dentists staff members include a Periodontal Therapist/Hygienist who assists Dr. Balvich and ensures quality periodontal therapy and deep cleaning treatments to all patients in need of periodontal therapy treatment. Likewise, If you suffer from frequent headaches, jaw pain and TMJ disorder temporomandibular joint (temporomandibular joint), Rensselaer Dentists will provide you with a dentomandibular therapist who will address your condition and provide therapy as well as treatment plans.

All of the staff at Rensselaer are continually attending lectures, meetings and conventions to ensure they remain current with the cutting edge techniques and instrumentation offered in the field of dentistry. Dr. Balvich not only attends these meetings and conventions but is oftentimes keynote speaker at many of these events.

Rensselaer Dentist: Infection Control and Instrumentation

Rensselaer Dentist uses the state of the art instrumentation conservatively where it can benefit patients in various procedures. All of our instrumentation and equipment are made from the finest quality materials to ensure excellent results with maximum patient comfort. Your comfort during dental treatments and procedures is always a priority.

Sterilization and Cross contamination processes are practiced at Rensselaer Dentist using the standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA)->[], and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC)->{}. Infection control is enforced at our facility for the safety of our patients and staff, this is of the utmost importance to us.

Why you should choose Rensselaer Dentists for your dental needs

Rensselaer Dentists offers its patients:
  • One of the top dentists in the nation
  • Exceptional dentistry and patient care
  • Well trained and highly qualified staff
  • Emergency care
  • Financial options and financial plans to make dental care more available to all people.
  • Dr. Balvich has created one of the most successful dental practices in Rensselaer Indiana. He is a maestro of dental medicine and he conducts his professional skills with the aid of his staff to produce a symphony of satisfied patients with beautiful healthy smiles. Make an appointment today and you will discover how wonderful Rensselaer Dentists truly is.