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Are my dental cleaning visits necessary?

After brushing and flossing your teethyou may feel that all the plaque has been removed. You might even say to yourself “I brush and floss on a regular basis, there is just no need for me to get a dental cleaning”. Think again! Dental Product Testing Incorporated conducted a studyand the results suggest seventy percent of plaque is removed by brushing and flossing your teeth. The other thirty percent of plaque still remaining on your teeth can create complications such as tooth decay, and gum disease.

Over time sticky plaque hardens and creates a substance called tartar or calculus. Salvia can also contain mineral deposits (calcium) which can create scales on your teeth. If your teeth are not completely smooth, it provides a good opportunity for bacterial growth. According to the American Dental Association bacterial growth can cause tooth decay, chronic diseases and gum disease. This is why it is so important to remove any plaque, calcium deposits or tartar. Rensselaer Dentists recommends a teeth cleaning every six months. Please note if you have any heart problems let your dentist know in order to prevent bacterial Endocarditis (inflammation of the inner heart lining). Oral bacteria can cause heart lining inflammation by traveling the blood stream to the heart. Your dentist will prescribe an antibiotic before a dental teeth cleaning for patients with heart disease.

Your Rensselaer dental cleaning visit

During a dental cleaning visit at Rensselaer Dentists, only highly specialized engineered instruments are used to remove the plaque and tartar that a toothbrush and floss cannot reach. One of the benefits from a dental cleaning visit is not only removing plaque and tartar from your teeth but a pre-screening for oral cancer is performed. This pre-screening helps fight the battle against oral cancer.

The first dental instrument to be used by a Rensselaer dental hygienist during your dental cleaning visit is a dental teeth scaler. This is a metal instrument that has a hook like end to reach the areas of the teeth where a toothbrush cannot go. Oftentimes these hard to reach areas lie between the teeth and harbor bacteria. Plaque and tartar is removed by the dental teeth scaler using a scraping like motion. The next step the oral hygienist will perform is polishing your teeth. The polisher has a rubber cup attached to the handle. The instrument rotates slowly against the tooth, smoothing and polishing the tooth surface. This smooth tooth surface will help prevent bacteria from attaching and causing tooth decay or periodontal disease. A Rensselaer Dentist will then check further for any evidence of plaque and tartar. He will then evaluate the health of your teeth and gums and form a personalized plan for the care and treatment of your teeth.

Rensselaer Dentists helps prevent gum disease and tooth decay from interfering with your smile. Be smart and call to make your semi-annual teeth cleaning appointment today.

What is a dental deep cleaning?

Rensselaer's deep teeth cleaning procedure (deep scaling and root planning) is suited for the patient who has a serious problem with gingivitis (gum disease). This procedure involves removing plaque, tartar and decay at the tooth root as well as treating pockets of bacteria that can form around the base of the tooth. Deep dental cleaning is a more intensive procedure than a routine dental cleaning and anesthesia is required.

No matter if you have cavities or gum disease, Rensselaer Dentists has a treatment plan for you. Please keep your recommended semi-yearly appointment and you will be on the right path to a healthier smile.