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Fluoride is your teeth’s best friend

When combining with specific elements fluoride is a strong protector of teeth. It would be no exaggeration to say specific fluoride compounds are the superheroes of the dental world. Those amazing fluoride compounds stop tooth decay dead in its tracks. The key to fighting tooth decay is preventing bacterial acids from forming. Fluoride compounds not only prevent those destructive acids from attacking teeth but can even reverse the process of tooth decay! Do not miss out on these great fluoride treatments and talk to Rensselaer flouride traetment experts about incorporating these treatments into your oral hygiene care plan.

How fluoride affects teeth

Tooth enamel has tighter bonds with teeth in adults than in children. For this reason fluoride can penetrate at deeper levels in children and strengthen their teeth. Whereas the bonds in adults are tighter, fluoride manages to protect the surface of the teeth from plaque by preventing cavities from developing. Fluoride plays a monumental role in oral health care. Professional fluoride treatments are usually standard for children. Rensselaer fluoride treatments for adults are recommended every three to twelve months depending on the oral health of the individual.

Is fluoride administered at safe concentrations?

There may be concern about the fluoride concentrations in drinking water, toothpaste, oral rinses and dental fluoride treatments. The fluoride levels are governmentally regulated and monitored by thru American dental association.

Too much fluorine can cause a condition called Fluorosis. Fluorosis causes small white linear areas of dots to appear on the tooth. If the condition progresses tooth enamel starts to have brown discoloration. This condition cannot develop from the fluoride levels administered during dental visits and by fluoride levels present in toothpaste and oral rinses if normal oral dental care is followed.

The mechanics of a Rensselaer fluoride treatment

Sometimes fluoride from toothpaste and oral rinses is not enough to protect your teeth. Dental fluoride treatments have a stronger concentration than over the counter products and may be the best solution for oral healthcare. The dental cleaning fluoride treatments are actually very simple and easy.

These treatment allow the teeth to be painted in a foam, gel or paste. Another method for fluoride treatment is emerging the teeth in a fluoride solution filled tray inserted in the mouth. The teeth are then fully coated with a fluoride compound left on for several minutes before rinsing. No eating is allowed until thirty minutes after treatment. Rensselaer fluoride-treatments are relatively painless and require very little time to complete.

These treatments are highly recommended for people who are prone to cavities such as:

  • Individuals who wear braces or have extensive dental work
  • Individuals who have bad oral hygiene
  • Individuals who have dry mouth conditions caused by poor health or certain medications
  • Individuals who have systemic diseases such as diabetes or HIV
  • Individuals with exposed tooth roots or cracked enamel

Most people do not realize the importance of a dental fluoride-treatment. It is a quick and relativity painless treatment which helps keep you looking younger by having a great smile. Rensselaer fluoride treatment can pave the road for a smile that will be protected for a lifetime. Be pro-active in your oral health care and ask Dr. Balvich about the amazing fluoride treatments available.