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Part of any successful dental plan is prevention. We recommend that you schedule a dental exam and cleaning every 6 months as a standard. This will allow our hygienists to make sure we can spot any tooth decay ahead of time and cut cavities off at the pass. We can discover, monitor and prevent dental diseases and ancillary conditions.

Of course cavity prevention and gingivitis begins at home with regular, brushing, flossing and a healthy diet. Sodas and excessive candy can speed up tooth decay and a lack of brushing can usually contribute gum disease. Brushing, flossing, and diet are only one side of maintaining oral hygiene though; by coming into our office we can promote good oral hygiene, and give you a clean slate for the next 6 months. We clean your teeth, take x-rays and finish with a fluoride treatment for protection of your teeth.

Dentition by definition is the arrangement or condition of the teeth in a particular species or individual. We can maintain positive dentition while keeping you in comfort. We recommend you schedule your next appointment before leaving our office. Appointments can fill up fast and we want to be sure to see you on a timely basis.

Dental Exam

We are all after a good and healthy smile. Creating this beautiful smile is like building a house on a solid foundation. With Rensselaer Dr. Jordan Balvich, we can consult you on the best preventative techniques to maintain that rock-solid foundation for years to come. Our exams are thorough and check for things like gum disease, inspection of existing cavities and implants, oral cancer screening, and tooth decay. We monitor any bone loss, and analyze for tumors and cysts.

Rensselaer Dental Cleaning

Over time calcifications appear on and around teeth above and below the gumline. When someone thinks about a dental cleaning, they normally have an adverse reaction. The reason that this is typically seen as a less than comfortable experience is that our professional hygienist will pick the off calcifications that have formed around the teeth. This calcification is commonly known as tartar, or also plaque. It can form along the sides of teeth and induce tooth decay if long times elapse between visits. Regular visits to our office will prevent the build-up of tartar and will ultimately lead to less of our least favorite word: cavities. Tartar generally forms around the gum line and can be drastically reduced with regular flossing. Tartar is nearly invisible and is made up of a combination of bacteria-rich saliva, food bits. Once hardened it is best if we use our tools to get below the gum line and get the excess tartar off the surface of your teeth. Having excess tartar can be a slippery slope for oral health. If left untreated, tartar can lead to gingivitis, and inflamed gums. When these other symptoms occur, the problems can compound.

Also included in your Rensselaer teeth cleaning:

  • Xrays - We analyze for things like existing cavities, incoming permanent teeth, and monitor bone density
  • Teeth Polishing - We make 'em shiny and smooth
  • Fluoride Treatment - Our fluoride treatment has been proven to prevent bacteria and ultimately tooth decay.