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A white, vibrant, healthy smile!

Have you been in a room with a group of people, and a person turns around, looks at you with an incredible smile with gorgeous white teeth. Believe it or not you too can have that beautiful white smile. How? The answer would be Rensselaer Dentists teeth whitening. Professional Rensselaer teeth whitening has increased in the last number of years and is becoming a common place procedure for many people. People now realize whitening your teeth can make you look years younger and more attractive in appearance.

Teeth discoloration

A lot of us do not realize as time goes by how much our teeth have been dulled and stained by the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. There are many reasons for discoloration and there are two different types. The first one is internal discoloration and this can be caused by genetics or drugs like tetracycline. External discoloration on the other hand can be caused by drinking coffee, tea or eating certain foods like blueberries.

External discoloration can usually be remedied by a professional dental whitening. If you are planning on getting veneers, crowns, and fillings, do this before a professional dental whitening. Crowns, veneers, and fillings are made from porcelain which causes the material to resist any kind of dental whitening. Your porcelain dental work will basically remain the same color as it was the day it was put on, whereas the rest of your teeth can be whiter by a professional whitening process. Get a Rensselaer Dentists consultation on the professional whitening process and we can devise a plan for you to get your wonderful white smile.

If Rensselaer veneers or crowns are put on after the whitening procedure then the patient must wait approximately ten days to two weeks before application. During the whitening procedure the affected tooth or teeth are dehydrated and if the teeth are not properly hydrated then the bonding properties between the veneer or crown to the tooth are adversely affected. The color of the teeth from the whitening process must stabilize during this time period so a perfect match between the crowns or veneers with the rest of the teeth can be made.

Rensselaer Teeth Whitening Procedure

Have you ever noticed the variation of white in your teeth? For instance at the gum line the white color has less intensity than other parts of your teeth. This will remain true after a Rensselaer teeth whitening process. Variations of white in your teeth make your teeth appear natural, not artificial like teeth in dentures where there is just one solid color intensity of white.

Rensselaer teeth whitening process is easy and requires very little time to complete. Hydrogen peroxide gel in a safe but strong concentration will be placed on your teeth. Care will be taken to avoid the hydrogen peroxide from getting on the gums unlike the over the counter kits. Results are fast and before you realize what is happening, presto, you have the big beautiful white smile of your dreams. Call Rensselaer Dentists and make an appointment and you will be one step closer to that white vibrant smile.