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The trauma of losing one or more tooth or teeth

It is a hopeless feeling when you have lost one or more teeth whether it be trauma or dental health issues. You are not alone! Did you know that two in three people in the United States have lost their teeth because of gum disease? Rensselaer Dentists want you to feel good about yourself again by considering Rensselaer dental implants as a possible solution to your tooth loss.

Dental implants have a great impact in the field of dentistry in the past twenty five years. The implants feel and look natural like teeth. Better yet, there are no restrictions on what you can eat. Dental implants give you the self-confidence you lost in social situations due to tooth loss. There will be no more embarrassing moments at dinner parties. Why? Because there are no differences between natural teeth and dental implants when it comes to eating. Also, with dental implants your speech is clear and precise again. You can rediscover your social life with a new confident smile.

Exactly what are Rensselaer dental tooth implants?

Dental implants are not one piece but parts that fit together to form the implant. The part of the dental implant that replaces your original tooth root is a titanium screw placed into the bare socket of the lost or extracted tooth. After a period of time your jaw bone grows around it anchoring the implant. This process usually takes around six to twelve weeks. What follows is the placement of a small connector post called an abutment. This post is attached to a titanium post at one end and holds the replacement tooth called the crown at the other end. Dental implants are very stable and there are no loose parts. The implants should last a lifetime.

Individuals who have diabetes, cancer, throat and neck radiation, as well as chronic heart issues should consult with Rensselaer Dentists to see if dental implants are right for them. People with the aforementioned diseases as well as people with gum disease may have problems with the titanium post implant anchoring in the jaw bone.

The dental implant procedure

Most people who have had the dental implant procedure said they experienced minimum discomfort. Rensselaer Dentist Dr. JOrdan Balvich will give you a local anesthesia at the beginning of the procedure. When this has taken effect, the titanium post will be placed in the bone socket of the lost teeth. The next procedure will be in six to twelve weeks after the bone grows around the post. What follows is attaching the titanium post to the abutment. An impression of your teeth will be made and the new tooth will be constructed using this impression as a model. When the replacement tooth is made, the crown or new replacement tooth will be attached.

Dental implants require you to floss and brush your teeth as you would for natural teeth. Good oral hygiene is essential for dental implants. These implants can last you a lifetime if you have regular semi- annual dental visits as well as good oral hygiene.

When is the best time to get dental implants?

When you first experience tooth loss is the optimum time for a dental implant procedure. Without a tooth, the bone at or near the lost tooth socket will start to get smaller. The bone needs stimulation to keep its original size and this can only be provided by a natural tooth or dental implant. Rensselaer Dentists will determine by proper evaluation if you are a good candidate for dental implants. Begin enjoying your life and make an appointment for a Rensselaer consultation for dental implants. You will be on your way to a smile that exudes an air of confidence!