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Having a beautiful, white smile is an art. Dr. Balvich has given this work of art to many people throughout the years. Rensselaer cosmetic dentist can do the same for your smile as well. Whether tightening a gap in your teeth, getting implants, or simply making teeth whiter, we can make sure that your process is a comfortable one. Getting a perfect smile shouldn't be painful.

Whether society likes to admit it or not, studies have shown that we are less likely to befriend, hire, or even be associated with an acquaintance that has a less than ideal smile. At Rensselaer cosmetic dentist, we want to be sure a less than ideal smile is not holding you back. For these reasons we have decided to focus a large deal of our treatments around creating the perfect smile for you. There have been significant improvements in the last 15 years regarding Rensselaer cosmetic dental procedures. We have perfected dental implants and crowns. We can whiten off coffee, tea, and tobacco stains. Dr. Balvich has the experience to make your smile count.

Our affordable dentistry plans make it possible for you to get these treatments with proper planning.

Rensselaer Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a fantastic advance in the dental industry as of late. We use a titanium root to drill into existing bone. Once placed, the cosmetic tooth is placed on the titanium root where it can sit alone or support the end of a bridge. Dental implants are a great way to preserve your smile after the loss of a tooth. We make the procedure as comfortable and painless as possible. Because implants use the body's healing nature to secure the tooth placement, several appointments may be needed to place and position the tooth just right. Once placed, the tooth will appear natural for many years to come.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Dr. Balvich can bring an aged, dulled smile to life with professional teeth whitening. Our Bleaching techniques use hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient to form bubbles around the teeth. The enamel of the teeth is "relieved" of its yellow staining by these bubbles and a white hue is restored. These safe chemicals are introduced tot he tooth surface in a gel form. In many cases we will shine a bright light on the teeth to excite or "activate" the procedure. Dr. Balvich will consult with each teeth whitening patient before the procedure to educate our patients about what to expect. Additionally, we have information and literature available. Whitening also affects fillings, veneer, and implant staining for a uniform look.

Crowns and Caps

Unfortunately for teeth, they do not have the healing capacity that many other bones in the body do heave. Mother nature made teeth to wear out. When this happens modern dentistry has the answer; Crowns. As Rensselaer cosmetic dentist Crown authority, we always try to salvage an injured tooth before replacing it with an implant. The tooth and its root to the bone are typically strong and we can halt the toot's decay with a properly placed crown. depending on the placement and severity of the tooth's decay, we might use different materials to bond to the tooth. It is our intention to make the smile look as natural and bright as possible.

Whatever the treatment technique, we will custom form your smile to fit your profile, jaw shape, and your personality.