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What are Invisalign braces?

Invisalign was created by two Stanford students in 1997. This innovative creation became one of the more popular types of dental braces in present day dentistry. Invisalign is created from polyurethane resins (a plastic) and considered BPA free. No direct attachments to the teeth are present in Invisalign bracing. A series of plastic aligner trays are placed over the upper and lower teeth. A gentle and consistent force, produced by these aligner trays, eventually generates a straight alignment of teeth. Rensselaer Dentists provide Invisalign braces because of the advantages this bracing system can provide to our patients. These braces are almost non-detectable in appearance and provide a high comfort level for patients while wearing the Invisalign braces. In addition, aligner trays are easy to remove and make brushing teeth an easier every day task. Invisalign in the past was used for minor corrections but now is engineered to correct more complicated malocclusions. Did you know Invisalign rates as one of the top choices for bracing for older adults? Older adults oftentimes have crowns and fillings which may present a complication when putting on certain types of braces. Invisalign aligner trays will fit easily over past dental work and are ideally suited for the patient with an extensive dental history. Another significant fact is the affordability of Invisalign braces. If you have insurance for orthodontics then Invisalign should be covered under your plan. Check with Rensselaer Dentists about pricing for different types of braces.

What is a Rensselaer Invisalign orthodontic treatment plan?

To provide Rensselaer Invisalign, we initially will take x-rays of your teeth and an impression (mold) is made. This mold provides information to 3-D imaging computer which composes a plan for movement of your teeth. Custom fitted aligner trays create the proper tooth movement to obtain the desired straight teeth alignment. At Rensselaer Dentists, we will show you how your teeth will move with each stage of treatment. You will be required to wear the Invisalign braces 20-22 hours every day. For effective results, the patient must be compliant in wearing these braces for the recommended time. To help parents keep adolescents compliant about wearing the aligner trays for the recommended time, an indicator is incorporated in the trays that confirms that they have been worn the amount of hours stated in the treatment plan. The aligner trays are then exchanged for new trays every two weeks. A six to eight week checkup on the treatment plan is required. Rensselaer Invisalign offers several different types of treatment plans for malocclusions.

The different types of Invisalign treatment plans

Invisalign Full

This plan allows the widest and most flexible range of treatments for malocclusions. This treatment contains a series of aligner trays that are custom fitted for your teeth misalignment. Treatment usually takes between six and twelve months.

Invisalign Assist

This plan tracks down the progress of teeth movements during your treatment. Aligner trays are made in batches and re-evaluated after the tenth aligner tray has been used. An impression is made of your teeth and then analyzed to see if your teeth movement is on track with the original treatment plan. If the teeth are not moving as planned then a correction is made in the next batch of aligner trays. At each appointment the plan is individualized for your treatment.

Invisalign Express 10

This plan is for minor crowding and spacing problems. This is the same plan as Invisalign Full except it has a shorter treatment period. Treatment usually is around six months.

Invisalign Express 5

This plan is for minor anterior crowding and spacing problems. This treatment has even a shorter treatment period than Invisalign Express 10. The treatment usually is around 2-5 months.

Invisalign Teen

This plan consists of aligner trays as in the above treatment plans. It provides an added bonus feature that is incorporated in the aligner trays for compliance. To ensure your teen is wearing the aligner trays the required amount of hours each day check the indicator on the aligner trays. The treatment is 12-18 months.

Dr. Balvich is skilled in administering Rensselaer Invisalign treatment. Invisalign is a great way to treat many kinds of malocclusions. Over 2 million people have chosen Invisalign Braces. Make an appointment at Rensselaer Dentists and see if this is the bracing option for you.